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PlayStation 3 Home Beta invites sent out (we didn't get one either)

With this morning's PlayStation Eye announcement, we just thought of approximately thirteen other things we want to do in Home ... but enough about that. You want to know when that Home Beta Trial is going to start. We have good news and bad news: the bad news is, the Beta Trial page still asks us to keep checking back to register; the good news is that some users (seems to be PlayStation Gamer Advisory Panel members only for now) have been asked to sign up for the Home Beta test via an email invitation.

There are some restrictions -- 18 or older, US or Canadian resident, PS3 owner -- but we're sure that folks are tripping over themselves to find out how they can get this elusive invite. From our vantage point, just wait. They announced a large scale public beta would begin this April before the product is released in the Fall. Limiting the beta to GAP members is hardly large scale, right?

[Big ups, Dustin]

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