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PlayStation 3 interest rising


Be quiet. Quieter. Do you hear that? That voice? Is that the inkling notion creeping up to drop $600 for a PS3? According to website PriceGrabber, as reported by MCV, interest in the console is up 127 percent. This is welcome news to the PS3 who may be bigger, badder and sexier than his older brother -- but PS2 is still captain of the football team, student counsel president and gets a helluva lot more play. The only problem is that the PS2 has a genetic defect and eventually succumbs to "disc read error." Bye baby, daddy misses you.

Although the rise in interest for the PS3 is fantastic for the system, it's not like there really was another direction for it to go. Sadly, the 127 percent increase in interest for the PS3 is dwarfed by the Xbox 360's 250 percent increase and the Wii's 579 percent increase. Sure 127 percent doesn't seem so great compared to those other numbers, but dagnabbit we're gonna be all giggles and sunshine saying this is a positive piece of news for Sony. You hear that? Positive PS3 news!

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