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PlayStation Eye: Sony's insanely advanced camera for PS3


This is not a toy: the newly unveiled Playstation Eye is one sophisticated piece of hardware. Some features of this new PS3 peripheral include:
  • A sophisticated microphone with the ability to reduce background noise and focus on the spoken word for smoother, more accurate speech recognition and transfer
  • The ability to capture videos and audio clips directly to your PS3's hard disk drive
  • Engineered to perform well even in low-light conditions
  • A range of different capturing modes, including slow motion and time-lapse
  • Faster frame rate for improved tracking, responsiveness and smoothness
  • Two position zoom lens for close-up and full body options
  • A range of eye-catching visual effects to apply to photos and videos
  • Bundled with EyeCreate™ editing software, which allows users to save and edit photos, video and audio clips
In many ways, this camera is more advanced than most home camcorders. PlayStation Eye features 4 channel audio input and the ability to record at an insane 120 frames/second. The camera supports up to 640x480 video, and can record uncompressed or MJPEG video. Eye of Judgment, a card battling game demoed at E3, will be one of the first titles to take advantage of this revolutionary camera.

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