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Sony's 100GB HDR-SR8 AVCHD Handycam: Europe and Canada only?


We're not sure what's going on with Sony, but it looks like they've also loosed a 100GB HDR-SR8 Handycam everywhere but the US. That's 38-hours of LP-mode recording, kids when the camcorder ships in July. Europeans and Canadians at least, will have dibs on the SR8 in addition to the same 1080i goodness loosed in The States: the crazy small HDR-CX7, the 40GB HDR-SR5, and the 60GB HDR-SR7. Other than the bigger disk, the SR8 is feature identical to the SR7. So what gives Sony? Of course, we've seen our Canadian brethren receive special treatment from Sony before. Anyway, next time you cross the Detroit border for smokes and teenage drinking, don't forget to pick up a few US$1670 SR8s for your pals at Engadget. Thanks.

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