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Today's raidingest video: Tomb Raider

Zack Stern

Some of us have been jonseing for each successive Tomb Raider adventure ever since Lara Croft decided that messing up archaeological sites wasn't just for Indy. (Where were the interns and study? No, Kurtis Trent and Short Round don't count.) The June 5 launch of the original, remade with updated graphics (and we can only hope controls), as Tomb Raider: Anniversary is just around the corner.

The tombs aren't going to just raid themselves; our video pick is the latest trailer for the back-to-her roots game. We don't see much that we didn't already know -- surprise, the game has "mild suggestive themes" -- but we're sure fans will appreciate the latest look at Lara. See the video after the break.

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