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Acidbomb 2 gets a commercial release as ShellBlast


Dave Galindo of Vertigo Games dropped a few hints in our recent interview that Acidbomb 2: Rearmed could be going commercial. Now it's official: casual gaming publisher Oberon Media will be distributing an enhanced version of Acidbomb 2 next month. The commercial version will be renamed ShellBlast and include content from Acidbomb 2 (which will remain free until the day Jack Thompson joins Mensa) as well as a few exclusive game modes:
  • Virtual Bomb Simulator - create your own bombs and try to disarm them
  • Endurance Mode - a gigantic bomb with seven quadrants and more pistons as you progress
Vertigo's next game, King of All Cooks, will also be released commercially later this year. No word on pricing for either game, though expect it to cuddle up to the magic number $19.95.

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