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All-terrain Whizzybug enables mobility for handicapped UK kids

Darren Murph

In an attempt to create a more fashionable alternative to the wheelchair devices that handicapped children currently rely on to get around, a group of engineers at the Bath Institute for Medical Engineering, in consultation with parents and occupational therapists, have concocted the car-like Whizzybug. The all-terrain vehicle can reportedly handle asphalt and green pastures without issue, and sports a blistering top speed of two miles-per-hour. Additionally, it can be controlled by the caregiver or the youngster, weighs in at just under 70-pounds, has a "fully adjustable seating system with memory foam cushions and a programmable joystick," and to top things off, this bad boy even touts a trailer hitch for towing those weak Power Wheels rigs out of the rough. The devices are slated to be sold by the developing charity, Whizz-Kidz, "at cost," which means that interested parents will be looking at anywhere between £1,700 ($3,406) and £2,000 ($4,007) depending on options.

[Via MedLaunches]

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