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AT&T names new CEO: Randall Stephenson

Ryan Block, @ryan

We don't expect any but the most devoted of telecom nerds to know the name of Ed Whitacre, long time CEO to AT&T -- now America's largest communications business (so far as we know). Well, at this point all you really need to know about the man is as of June 3rd he's stepping down, and a new chap by the name of Randall Stephenson, Whitacre's "understudy" and AT&T COO, is set to step up. We'll save you the corporate backstory here (that's what Wikipedia is for, or, if you've got the subscription, follow our link to The Journal), but all we can say is we sure do hope when we settle down our retirement package is at nearly $160 mil, like Whitacre's. Ed, baby, we're free for lunch -- it's on you, though. [Warning: link requires subscription]

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