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How would you change the PlayStation 3?

Ryan Block, @ryan

Remember how would you change? It's the Engadget feature where we ask you, the oh-so-demanding Engadget reader, how you would change a particular gadget, service, device, etc. Well, how would you change has been on vacation a while, but it's finally friggin back, and since everybody's got video games on the mind this week (and because our last how would you change was for, you guessed it, the original Xbox 360), we're happy to ask: how would you change the PlayStation 3? As usual, we'll get you started with a few of the more obvious changes we'd go with. Personally, we'd really like the PS3:

  • Gain rumble
  • Lose a few bucks off the pricetag.
  • Tie down some additional codecs, and perhaps a decent home media streaming system.
Ready, steady, go!

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