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In the Flash: Makibishi Comic


Every week on In the Flash we sit down with the creator of a free online game to unravel their secret plans of world domination ... and to talk about their game:

Point and click, room escape, and adventure games are a dime a dozen in the Flash gaming realm. But every once in a while a game comes along that's more than just an entry in the list of clones. Makibishi Comic blends Japanese-style manga artwork and storytelling with richly varied gameplay. Your goal is to find five ninjas hidden in five different environments. By clicking characters or objects on the screen, you set events in motion that will lead to their capture.

In true manga-style, events rarely connect to each other in a logical way. How do you get rid of a gigantic gorilla? By calling a massive bear that shoots an energy blast out of its mouth, of course. It's that sense of wacky fun that makes Makibishi Comic so enjoyable. The stages you'll search through are also very creative, such as in Warashiamata where an endless stream of characters come marching out of a gigantic naked man's butt ...

We crossed the language barrier for a short-and-sweet interview with Shinnosuke Kumazawa, one of the creators of Makibishi Comic.

What is Makibishi Comic?
Makibishi Comic is self-promotion website for Makibishi Inc. Our team developed the art, music, and programming ourselves.

[The term makibishi refers to small spiky objects ninjas used to deter pursuit in ancient Japan. The spines were often hooked and coated in poison for maximum non-pursuitedness.]

Have you designed many other Flash games?
A few:

[More of Makibishi's mini-games can be found on Blog-Apart by scrolling to the "Game Blog Parts" section on the main page]

What inspired you to create the game like a manga adventure?
A natural flow.

Do you play many Flash games? What are some of your favorites?

Each of the five worlds (Akatsuke, Chikamatsu Garden, etc.) are very imaginative. How did you get ideas for these places? Is your brain really full of that many strange things?
Our idea come from Japanese comics, movies and animation. Our brains are empty!

What do you enjoy most about Flash games?
The sense that our world spread out is enjoyable. [We enjoy games] with a unique atmosphere.

Do you think you will make more worlds for Makibishi Comic (or a sequel)?
Muuuu ... we don't know ...

Play Makibishi Comic.

[Note: Some users have experienced long load times while playing this game. Sit tight and wait for the streaming data to fly over the clouds from Japan.]

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