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LG CU500v, first Video Share phone, launches on AT&T (not)

Chris Ziegler

Nope, we didn't screw up the image here -- the LG CU500v is, for all practical purposes, identical to the older CU500, save for the critical detail that the CU500v's firmware supports Video Share. We can basically think of the new feature as a poor man's video calling; video is transmitted only one way during calls, though callers with compatible handsets can switch direction mid-call. Rumor has it AT&T intends to launch true video calling along with its HSUPA network, but for the time being, this is as good as it gets. The good news? With a swiveling 1.3 megapixel cam, microSD expansion, stereo speakers, external music controls, stereo Bluetooth, and a slim, metallic body, the phone is no slouch -- and being the first kid on the block with Video Share is only going to run you $29.99 after the typical contract and rebate discounts.

[Thanks, Kyle A.]

Update: Um, April fools, or something! The CU500v has been taken down from AT&T's site after apparently being put up prematurely. Oh well, we didn't want crippled video calling anyway! Hmph!

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