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Wii name celebrates first anniversary

Kyle Orland

It may seem like we've been talking about it forever, but it was just a year ago today that Nintendo revealed the console formerly known as the Revolution would henceforth be called the Wii. Immediate reactions ranged from derisive and disbelieving to defensive on the part of Nintendo itself, but by the time Nintendo's E3 press conference rolled around the initial furor had already subsided into a gentle buzz of Internet jokes.

At the time
, we confidently predicted that, eventually, "this new name will seem as nifty, familiar and as comfortable as that silly controller once it's all said and done." Well, were we right? Are you able to mention the Wii without snickering like a schoolgirl, or do you still feel vaguely uncomfortable talking about Nintendo's latest console. Lend us your opinion in the comments.

[Thanks to vidGuy for the reminder]

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