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Wii Warm Up: It's been a year


A year ago, Nintendo announced that the Revolution had a name, and that name was Wii. And lo did the voices of a million gamers rise in a chorus of, "WTF?! Wii?? OMG, it's so over for Nintendo!"

Obviously, we were wrong. Oh, sure, not everyone thought the name was a bad idea, but it was such an overwhelming majority that the dissenters hardly mattered. A year later, however, it's become apparent that the name that curled so many lips was actually a brilliant move, marketing-wise. But no harm, no foul; we all already admitted that we overreacted. But this strange anniversary still seems a good time to look back at not just the name change, but everything about the Wii. These days, analysts are predicting epic Wii shortages, whereas eight months ago, it was far more popular to predict the Wii to lag behind both the PS3 and the 360. How has your overall attitude changed in the past year? Is there anything you think or predict now that runs counter to your mindset last April?

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