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Ask Engadget: SD and MP3-friendly portable audio recorder?


Like we promised, we're here with a week of Ask Engadget. Like always, you can send in your questions to ask at engadget dawt com, and we'll bring the best here for answering by your fellow Engadget readers. Yesterday we were asking a question of our own, about media player preference, and today we've got a question from "No Trab," who's looking for a portable audio recorder:

"I need a portable digital audio recorder that records onto SD cards in MP3 format, or if absolutely necessary, WMA. I'm trying to standardize my gadgets on SD cards so I can interchange 'em easily and connect them to PC. And I want a standard audio format so anyone can play it without special software. How hard is that?

"I'm aware of the Roland R-09, pretty high end stereo recorder. Records onto a HD but also has SD card for transfer if you like. And Pogo Electronics has the Radio YourWayLX, which adds the radio recording feature but also does voice. I'll be using this for interviews as a reporter, sometimes in moderately noisy environments, like restaurants."

What say you guys? Sounds like he doesn't have the cash for an R-09, and not much else he's found fits the bill.

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