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Beep, beep! I'm a Jeep!


I woke up this morning, started reading through the LJ World of Warcraft community, and there was a post there that made me stop and stare. I just couldn't believe my eyes. After all, I have a druid, and I enjoy playing her -- but if my eyes were working correctly, things were about to get very interesting! True, it wasn't quite as good as the suggested Octopus on a Motorcycle form, but it at least had the potential to be really interesting!

As Taishokao pointed out, when you go to the WoW Europe forums here, select druid, and then check out the Gladiator set, you can verify the above screen shot. The druid set 4-piece bonus does indeed currently list a car form. (I don't know how long that's going to take Blizzard to fix, but for now, it still says "car." hehe)

For all the potential funny in that, we know it's a typo. (There again, it's probably just as well, because if we had car forms, I'm relatively sure my noob-feral-druid-self would probably wind up as a Geo Metro. :P ) But that led me to thinking about typos in game. I know I've seen them here and there on quest givers, but I think by far the worst ones I've seen have been from other players. I know I'm guilty of accidentally mis-typing "1 sec" wrong while in the middle of instances which has gotten me picked on a lot. (No, I'm not saying what I typo it as -- this is a family blog!) Personally, I think the one that gets me irked the most is "rouge" for "rogue." Of course, I suspect that's because my main is a rogue, and I can never get the image of the "Moulin" Dark Legacy strip out of my head when someone says that, but I digress...

Are there any typos that have gotten you harassed, picked on, or just irked you when they were repeated over and over? I know I can't be the only one who has messed that kind of thing up. The fact that someone made a comic strip about the rouge/rogue typo tells me I'm not also the only one who's been somewhat amused yet frustrated by it, either. So share yours with the rest of the Insider crew! Have you ever noticed a hilarious typo on an NPC? How about personal typos? Any that get you in trouble with your guilds or that you make you crazy? Vent to the rest of us, or share with us your own personal moment of lol.

[via the WoW LJ]

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