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Halo 3 details and rumors shot down

Dustin Burg

Holy informative Bungie Weekly Update Batman. This week, Frankie brings new Halo 3 details and talks the big boy talk, so let's jump right in. Some big news is that the Halo 3 beta will support a (widescreen enhanced) two player split screen option. So, you'll be able to share the Halo 3 beta love with your friends. Speaking of the beta, Bungie unveiled the default control scheme for the game with a pretty graphic that maps out each button's function. It looks like the RB will take most of the X button's old functions and that silly d-pad will activate voice chat. Also, Frankie shot down a few Halo 3 rumors that hit the intertubes this week. First, May 11th is only important for those lucky enough to be considered "press" as they'll be playing the beta a few days before the rest of us so they can get their stories written ... that's it. Secondly, Halo 3 is not going to be native 1080p at 60fps as speculated earlier, it's just not practical. And finally, the image above is the second wave of Halo 3's marketing materials considered the "emotional" phase. Can't you feel it all, Cortana's eyes, the despair, the hope ... it pulls at your heart strings. You know what to do, make the jump for all the Weekly Update details to make sure you're the cool kid who has this week's Halo 3 dish.

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