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Let's all welcome Colin on board! Plus, what's new with the site!

Nick Doerr

Hey everyone, you may recall a while back we set up a request for assistance. While many people applied, we had to keep trimming the fat (so to speak) until we came up with just handful of ambitious new bloggers. So, without further ado, may we introduce the first new hire to complete his application, contract, and whatever else? Yes, we may. Welcome, Colin Torretta! May you serve us well. Our other two hires, Peter Vrabel and Jem Alexander, will be splitting their time here with sister site PSP Fanboy. Colin's going to focus here for now. How's about a round of applause?

We'd also like to take this time to update our readers on the site itself. We're going to change some things around here! First up, we're going to introduce some recurring weekly dealies, like a weekly poll, weekly fan-art/mailbag/whatever, a weekly best-of-the-week round-up, some questions to generate discussion, among others. We're also going to start monitoring our comments section a little more closely. If someone's blatantly assaulting someone else (regardless of console conviction), the comment will get deleted. All you gotta do is make sure you're at least offering up an opinion relevant to the post.

That's it, really. How about we give Colin a big "hooooooowdy-ho"?

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