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Motorola patent will see LCD fitted with solar cell


Check the pic, is that cool or what? Actually, we're not very sure exactly what Moto is showing us with this picture, perhaps the recently approved patent application for the solar panel fitted LCD is sponsored by the letter "E"? The idea in concept is straightforward enough: your mobile's display could be designed such that it would have a solar cell built right in, so leaving your cell open (or maybe even while on a call, see below) would allow it to slowly recharge. The patent does reveal another interesting bit of info that reads " least some of the light passing from the front side and through the backside of the reflective liquid crystal display will illuminate," so we think this may well hint at a two-sided screen. We hope to see something from Motorola with this in it soon, and failing that, from whoever buys the idea.

[Thanks, Tom]

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