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Nintendo to Kuturagi: "Come work for us."

Ed Stasick

While some believe that Krazy Kenny K killed the PlayStation brand with his handling of the PS3 develpment and launch, some of his competitors are potentially looking at Sony's loss as their gain. At a press conference yesterday, Nintendo's own chief executive made a couple of comments regarding Kuturagi's recently announced retirement. According to Go Nintendo, "Mr. Iwata stated that he would love to see Kutaragi join up with Nintendo."

While this is most certainly just Nintendo paying respect to Mr. Kutaragi with some kind words and a tip-of-the hat to a man who has contributed a lot to the industry, it is interesting to think of the possibilities. Imagine Nintendo's next console, the WiiToo, under the develpment skills of Kuturagi... what would he do with it? What would he put in it?

[Thanks weamdabest]

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