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Nokia N76 now shipping in "key markets"

Chris Ziegler

When we say "key markets," we naturally mean that the US is left squarely out of the equation (can't you almost feel the bitterness in our voice here?). Alas, folks in parts of Asia, Europe, and the Middle East can now get their hands on the slimmest -- and arguably most attractive -- device in Nokia's multimedia-centric Nseries range, the N76. Furthermore, buyers in a handful of European countries will be given a voucher to download five "pre-selected" tracks by the band Travis from MSN's music store; according to the VP of Brand Entertainment for Sony BMG Europe, Travis' "target audience" fits well with Nokia N76 buyers (who knew?), so the promotion should work out swimmingly. Prices are set by Nokia's regional distributors, but we'd expect interested folk to pay somewhere in $500 range for the privilege of owning the slimmest Nokia flip on the block.

[Via MobileBurn]

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