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DARPA's C-Sniper program to detect, neutralize enemy snipers

Darren Murph

Defense institutions have been attempting to find the secret of detecting snipers before they strike for a good while now, but DARPA's latest initiative seeks to not only pick up on enemy snipers before they attack, but to "neutralize" 'em while we're at it. More specifically, the "objectives of the C-Sniper program are to develop a system and supporting technologies for the detection and neutralization of enemy snipers before they can engage US Forces," and while plans for the installation are still foggy, officials are hoping to create a system that "operates day and night from a moving vehicle, and can provide the operator with sufficient information to make an engagement decision" in due time. Of course, once detection is made, the choice to react will still be left up to a human (at least for now, anyway), and there's even hints of utilizing lasers so long as operators are kept safe from their blinding ways. Per usual on DARPA-headed projects, there's no set timetable as to when our boys will be geared up with sniper-sniping technology, but we'd love to get this stuff into the latest first-person shooters as soon as feasibly possible.

[Via Wired, image courtesy of PLIG]

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