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Bring 'My Computer' to Mac OS X's desktop

David Chartier

Erica just touched on Mac OS X's ability to selectively hide drives form the desktop via the Finder's preferences, but what if you still want access to those drives? Maybe you're a neat freak when it comes to your desktop, or maybe you're a recent Windows switcher who misses the comforts of My Computer. Either way, an app simply called My Computer might very well do the trick for you, as it really lives up to its name. Included with the app are some brief instructions that basically parallel Erica's post, teaching you how to use the Finder's preferences to remove your drives from the desktop. After that you can simply move My into place (which really doesn't do much more than using cmd-shift-c to get to the same display of drives) and enjoy your home away from home, or simply what some might consider a cleaner desktop. While the choice for the app icon is a bit outdated, that can be rectified with a simple Get Info command (cmd-i) on the icon and choosing something new, perhaps from the endless archives at The Iconfactory.

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