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Forum post of the day: Are the Naaru evil?

Eliah Hecht

Quick, name the least evil (i.e. most "good") groups of beings in the current World of Warcraft universe. Naaru and/or Draenei, right? We've already talked about how the Draenei are almost too nice, and as for the Naaru, that just seems obvious. They're big glowy friends to all, who want nothing but happiness and the absence of the Burning Legion. There's been speculation that M'uru, the Naaru that the blood elves hold captive to power their Paladins, is faking it, but even that lie would be, presumably, for the reason of brining the blood elves closer to the light or helping them fight the Burning Legion.

But Roam, of Bloodscalp, doesn't trust the big guys at all. From his post titled "Who else thinks the Naaru are probably evil:"

Call me a sceptic, but I've played too many video games to EVER trust a unidentified and unquestioned holy force.
The Naaru seem like good guys and all... but why? Why bother with us at all?
They creep my out. Sound like windchimes and "make you feel safe"... ugh sounds like a fricking trap!

And the more I think about it, the more it makes sense -- if this wasn't a Blizzard game. I agree with later posters that Blizz is just too generally straight-ahead with its story-telling to make the Naaru have been deceiving us. But hey, you never know; as a responder added, "
I, as a general rule of thumb, never trust luminescent beings." Words to live by. What do you think? Are the Naaru benevolent creatures, or deceptive forces sent to destroy us?

[thanks, Justin]

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