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Min-E3: Phenomenally large companies ... itty bitty space


The Electronic Software Association (ESA) has been tight on information about the new Min-E3, but details of the new E3 reinvention are starting to seep out, the latest bit being an apparent map of attendee booths at the Barker Hanger in Santa Monica. On initial viewing of the map, seeing Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft each being crammed into a 20' x 20' (6 meters squared) booth, all we can think is Genie from Aladdin saying, "Phenomenal cosmic power -- in a itty bitty living space." Yes, laugh it up, it's worth a chuckle.

For those who have no idea about the amount of space these company's booths occupied in the past, let's just say you used to be able to find a quiet corner to take a booth babe for a snog. These were sprawling complexes, not booths that could fit in your dining room. It's going to be different for sure. As you can see from the map, many companies took two mini 100-square-foot booth spaces for just a little extra space.

All this hanger layout reveals is that everything that's going down is happening at the hotels. The booths don't have enough room for demos and will probably end up just being a spot for invitees to schedule meetings at the respective company's hotel suite. Oh well, guess no booth babes at the hangar. Maybe it'll be like Australia and the publishers will have hookers at the hotel?

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