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Motorola Q9h to christen 3's X-Series on Windows Mobile?

Chris Ziegler

Hutchison 3's flagship "X-Series" platform of data-enabled goodies is missing a pretty critical piece of the puzzle -- Windows Mobile support -- but it now looks like the carrier plans to add it with a bang. Despite seeing a Vodafone-branded unit some time ago, MoDaCo reports that 3 is positioning itself to pick up a period of exclusivity on the upcoming Motorola Q9h (exclusivity which we assume will be limited to the UK, or perhaps Europe) to launch Windows Mobile support for X-Series. Of course, once 3 has bothered to gather all the apps necessary to take X-Series to the Microsoft camp, it only stands to reason that the Q9h will become just the first in a line of Windows Mobile phones to rock it, so if you're on 3 and the Q9h isn't quite your cup of tea (we can't blame you), sit tight.

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