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Samsung starts mass producing 16 Gigabit NAND chips

IT News Online tells us that Samsung has begun mass producing 16 Gigabit NAND flash chips. "In rolling out the densest NAND flash in the world, we are throwing open the gates to a much wider playing field for flash-driven consumer electronics," IT News quoted Jim Elliott, director of flash marketing.

As you probably know, high density data storage is a prime ingredient of flash-based music players like the iPod Shuffle and Nano lines, and smart phones like the iPhone (as well as digital cameras, handheld computers and memory cards). Denser storage means more capacity for these consumer electronics.

I'm guessing that 16 Gb chips probably will not debut in Apple products until the end of this year or the beginning of the next. If I have my facts straight, the iPhone uses 4 Gigabit chips in its design.

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