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Tip: Easily cycle through toolbar icon sizes and formats

David Chartier

Steven Frank has been blogging a number of Coda-related tips since Panic released this ground-breaking app last week. Fortunately for the non-code ninjas in the crowd, Steven's tips haven't been all PHP and CSS-obsessed, however, as he just released this handy gem that I've never seen before. Apparently, in most Mac OS X apps (probably the Cocoa-based ones, so Firefox is out), you can cmd-click the 'standard toolbar widget' in the upper right of the window (the one that looks like a throat lozenge) to cycle through all the different states of toolbar buttons. Large icons + text, small icons with no text and even two different sizes of text-only buttons are all readily available for you to customize in most apps.

This is a handy tip especially for me since I *hate* how large Apple made the default icon size in the toolbar, and I previously was right-clicking and chosing 'Use Small Icons' in every single one of my apps. Until a developer comes to my rescue with some sort of AppleScript that can set the default icon size in every app to what I believe it should be, this tip is the next best thing. Thanks Steven!

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