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You too can make millions in the exciting world of gadgets!


Looking for an exciting new way to earn money flexing that 20th century brain of yours? Try inventing gadgets! Americans spend more the $100 million a year on these useless, dangerous or just plain idiotic devices, which can often be found in 5 and 10 cent stores. Or something like that. The folks at Modern Mechanix unearthed this interesting advertorial from 1935, which hopes to inspire folks to design and patent their own "gadgets," little widgets that the magazine defines as "something that we would like to own, if it doesn't cost too much, yet something that we can do without if we absolutely must." We've been trying to look around the Engadget HQ and decide what we could live without, but decided that was just silly -- next thing you know it, stupid magazines from the past will be trying to tell us we don't need our Nabaztag reading us news in the morning, or LED umbrellas to know what the weather's like outside. Clearly preposterous.

[Thanks, Charles S]

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