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Former WoW and EverQuest programmers working on sci-fi MMOG


Colony Studios, a new development studio comprised of former World of Warcraft and EverQuest staff, recently announced a new space-themed MMOG in the works. Instead of throwing yet another MMOG on the market, Colony is centering the game around a dynamic, living world that will allow players to log on and react to a constantly changing world. The game's history is provided, but the players are the driving force behind current events. The game will also feature a "unique approach" to warfare, PvP combat, character advancement, and territory control, although exactly what that means is anyone's guess at this point.

Colony's aim is to "not be afraid to take chances outside the normal MMO design", and with experience on their side, they could be on the fast-track to MMO fame. They could also be on the fast-track to "here's a load of hype, hope you guys get excited enough to pay attention to what turns out to be a mediocre game".

IGN's RPG Vault has a full interview with Colony CEO Mike Wallis, who we assure you isn't Mike Wallace.

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