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Jaffe reviews the reviews of Calling All Cars

Justin McElroy

David Jaffe plays by his own rules, mister. So don't think you can go around town giving a 6.7 to Calling All Cars and he won't have anything to say about it. Because he totally will. In an admittedly pretty even-tempered blog response to Gamespot's middle-of-the-road score, Jaffe tries to explain why he thinks the problems that the site has with the game (lack of content, etc.) aren't really that big a deal.

Jaffe's real beef is with the criteria by which his $10 game is being judged. He says he wanted to create "a trash talking fun ass time with your buddies," and feels like it's that goal on which the review should be based. (Surprising no one, Jaffe feels the game is between an 8 and 10 in this category.) But in the same breath (or is that keystroke?) he goes on to admit that it may not be fair for him to ask that. The post continues as an interesting, slightly schizophrenic, view into how a developer deals with watching their baby enter the world. Go ahead Dave, wear that heart on your sleeve, we still think you're a maverick. ... A maverick of caring.

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