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No 2.1 this week either

Eliah Hecht

Since this week is a full-maintenance week on the maintenance schedule, it would be theoretically possible for Blizzard to sneak patch 2.1 in later this morning without having to do unscheduled maintenance. However, sadly (for my Rogue at least), the patch is not upon us just yet. Eyonix said a few hours ago:

We don't have a patch scheduled for release tomorrow. We're still testing patch 2.1 on the public test realms, currently.

Better luck next week, folks. But then again, for some classes, 2.1 is not going to be so pleasant (Paladins, for instance). Who's looking forward to the patch, and who's dreading it? Also, does Eyonix's wording imply that we'll get some warning of the patch going up because the PTRs will go down first?

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