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Plezo's PM-220 PMP takes screen rotation to new heights


We've got nothing personal against screen rotation, even the automatic variety has its time and place, but unfortunately for Plezo, our imagination is limited to about 90 degrees of this gimmicky stuff. Plezo's PM-220 shatters modern rotation convention by going for a full 360 degrees, allowing you to watch your screen in whatever funky screen configuration your heart desires. We suppose the extra flexibility could help out south paws and the like, but other limitations like a 2.2-inch screen and 1GB of flash memory aren't helping Plezo's case of using this thing as a video player. The dual headphone jacks, FM radio, voice recording and games are all nice touches, but we're pretty sure there are better ways to spend 109,000 won (about $117) in the great land of South Korea.

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