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Samsung's 32-inch LN-T325H boasts ATSC tuner, 8000:1 contrast ratio

Darren Murph

Samsung (among others) has certainly been on a contrasty trip of late, as just a month or so after hitting us up with a trio of Bordeaux LCDs that each sport a 15,000:1 contrast ratio, the firm's latest 32-incher musters a not-too-shabby 8,000:1 itself. The LN-T325H LCD HDTV offers up the token black bezel and rounded stand that we've come to expect from Sammy, and just in case that glossy finish isn't enough to lure you in, the set features a built-in ATSC TV tuner, 1,366 x 768 resolution, three HDMI ports, 500 nits brightness, dual component inputs, a PC input and headphone jack, eight-millisecond response time, and twin ten-watt speakers to cap things off. Unfortunately, there's no mention of price nor future availability, but we don't guess it'll be too long now before this sucka starts showing up on store shelves everywhere.

[Thanks, Anthony P.]

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