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Velocity Micro acquires Overdrive PC, gets 'hyperclocked'

Evan Blass

Although the folks over at boutique PC shop Overdrive PC must have been on a serious Spaceballs bender when they decided to call their proprietary method of performance tweaking 'hyperclocking,' such silly naming conventions didn't stop custom manufacturer Velocity Micro from wooing and finally winning over the firm. Velocity, probably best known for its relationship with Best Buy, will leave Overdrive as a separately run brand and subdivision within the larger company, while employing the mind-blowing hyperclocking technique in its own off-the-shelf systems. None of the deal's financial details were disclosed, but we do know that Overdrive will relocate its headquarters to Richmond, VA, where its founder and CTO will take on the role of Director of Advanced Technologies at Velocity and General Manager of Overdrive. Sure it's no HP / Voodoo or Dell / Alienware pairing, but during Golden Week in Japan, this is what passes for hot news.

[Via Crave]

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