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Ben Heck teaches us how to make a 'PS360' gamepad

Ross Miller

Not content with putting a PlayStation 3 Sixaxis inside an Xbox 360 gamepad and letting the world be jealous, Ben Heckendorn is showing us how to make our own PS360 controller. All you need is a Sixaxis, an Xbox 360 gamepad, various tools and circuits, and a bit of technical know-how.

The end result leaves us, alongside the freakish monster of Science seen above, a Sixaxis shell and the innards of an Xbox 360 gamepad ... hmm, sounds like Heck should find a way to combine those parts into a controller and save us having to throw away perfectly good circuitry.

According to the post, part 3 in the how-to make an Xbox 360 Laptop Mk II series will return next week.

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