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Breakfast Topic: Meeting other WoW folks in real life


The other day while I was packing up after doing some research at my local library, a small group of people stopped me to ask what the stickers on my laptop were about. I replied that they were symbols from World of Warcraft. It turned out that several of the folks in the group were also WoW players – although they were all Alliance. One of the girls in the group happily told me all about her Night Elf Druid, and how her boyfriend had gotten her into WoW. She then followed up by noting that she was surprised to meet someone who played Horde out in real life. We chatted about WoW for a good ten to fifteen minutes, I told them about WoW Insider (because this place rocks) and then we all headed our separate ways.

With the sheer amount of merchandise now available, like t-shirts, book bags, and stickers, WoW players are making their presence known more and more in the real world. Have you ever worn or displayed something with a WoW reference on it and been stopped by other gamers or people asking about it? If you saw someone wearing a WoW shirt, what would you do? How about if they were of the opposing faction, as most of the group I was talking to were?

Personally, I think it was awesome to meet other gamers, no matter if they were of the opposing faction. After all, we're all just people out to have fun in Azeroth when it comes down to it. I also thought that it was really cool to hear (and remember) the excitement of someone new to the game, as well as sharing experiences with other people who have raided the same places I have.

That said, if you ever see a girl with multi-colored hair who has Horde stickers on her laptop (as seen above) feel free to pop over and say hello!

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