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Obsessed kid collects, names and dreams of vacuums


Just like your average five-year-old, Aidan Adkins is obsessed with robots, bubblegum and most of all, vacuums. He's been into the suckers ever since he could walk, and has amassed a collection of eleven various vacs, ranging from toys to pro models. For his birthday and Christmas he asks for money to buy more to add to his collection, and then carefully researches the options to spend his hard-earned allowance on the latest and greatest. Naturally, he's got names for all of them, like "Shoppy" the Shop Vac; "Scrubby," a Bissell Pro Heat 2X; and "Kitchy" for the kitchens. Bissell recently sent him a Healthy Home vac for his birthday, which he named "Sucky." We would poke fun at the peculiar hobby, but about half our Engadget Mobile editors have a similar basement phone collection, and our own Evan Blass opens his home for nursing abandoned and abused Pocket PC devices back to life. Sure, you won't see Paris Hilton at a vacuum launch any time soon, but we're sure Aidan has plans to change all that -- once he scores the dream job Dyson internship and single-handedly revolutionizes the industry with slim n' sexy vacs.

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