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PAX07: Wil Wheaton keynote, TGS prize, Minibosses headlining

Additional details of this summer's PAX07 festival have just been released. We already knew about the larger venue -- the Washington State Trade and Convention Center in downtown Seattle -- and the dates -- August 24-26 -- but we didn't know about the keynote speaker, the Omegathon prize, and the headlining band. Until now.

Taking the place of last year's thoroughly entertainging keynote speaker, Alex St. John, is wundergeek Wil Wheaton who's certain to find a receptive audience in the geek-hungry halls of PAX. Next up, the Omegathon prize. Taking the place of last year's tricked-out Scion xB, the gamer with the mostest gets a trip for two to the Tokyo Game Show (in new four-day flavor) along with $5K in spending money so you can nerd it up in Akihabara. Lastly, the headlining band. Taking the place of last year's face-melting Minibosses are ... the Minibosses! Of course, they joined by the likes of The OneUps, MC Frontalot, Jonathan Coulton, Freezepop, The Neskimos and Optimus Rhyme, so expect a full two nights of rocking (and rhyming, whatever the case may be).

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