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Acer, BMW team up for Aspire laptop refresh

Darren Murph

There's no need to fix it if nothing's broken, and apparently Acer isn't deviating from the lucrative automotive partnerships anytime soon. While the Ferrari lineup tends to cater to the high-end laptop buyer, the company has now partnered with BMW to provide stylish, automotive-inspired machines to "the average consumer." The team will collaborate to refresh the Aspire series (dubbed Gemstone), and while specifics aren't entirely clear, we do know that users can expect a curvaceous design and a dash of Santa Rosa under the hood. Additionally, the BMW lappies will offer up WiFi, Dolby surround sound, and HDMI, and there was even a hint of a 17-incher and an option for HD DVD. Best of all, it sounds like users will have a choice between an AMD or Intel processor, and although pricing information wasn't divulged, Acer did state that "no premium for the extra design work" would be tacked on.

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