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Five more leaks aboard the SS Halo 3

It won't be long before we get our hands on the Halo 3 Beta, which is good because that ship is leaking badly. First, the 7-1/2 minute leak, which we promptly tore asunder, and now five videos leaked by YouTube user bipchizzle (something tells us that's not his real name) are just waiting for a salty old prospector to concentrate his trained eye and discern dirt from gold. Before we get to that point, peep the latest vids and try to spot the M6G pistol, the new map, Epitiah, and our buddy Major Nelson. Warning: videos may not be safe for work (salty old prospectors need not worry).

[Via X3F]

This video blacks out about half way in ... stay for the ROCK though!

A short look at Epitiah

A longer look at Epitiah

Some of the customization options and a short peep of a "File Share" menu, to share those replays we imagine.

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