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Samson's Zoom H2 SD portable audio recorder

Darren Murph

Although the amount of voice recorders hitting the market has definitely tapered off in recent years, the ones that do make it out are fairly well-spec'd in their own regard. The latest to show up is Samson's Zoom H2 handy recorder, which claims to be the "world's only portable recorder with 3 mic capsules on board for mid-side recording," and moreover, the device purportedly decodes the audio instantly to bring together a probably unnecessary level of "superb stereo imaging." Interestingly enough, the device even allows for users to record at various angles and frequencies in case you're trying to assemble a 5.1 track (saywha?) without all the proper equipment, and it even touts gain controls right on the side for on-the-fly tweaking. The unit stores recordings on an SD flash card, features USB 2.0 connectivity, a 1/8-inch stereo output, backlit display, four hours of usage on a pair of AA batteries, time stamp / track marker functions, integrated chromatic guitar and bass tuner, and a variety of status LEDs to boot. Of course, such extravagant niceties on a portable audio recorder don't come without a premium, but users serious about capturing those lecture notes (or ad hoc jingles) can snag one in May for around $200.

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