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THQ & Big Huge Games announce RPG led by Ken Rolston ... for 2009


Starting the hype train about two years early, THQ recently confirmed it has entered a development agreement with Big Huge Games (the Rise of Nations folks) to create a new role playing game to be released in 2009 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Elder Scrolls veteran Ken Rolston is heading up the team, shedding light on the mysterious "strikingly original and cunning concept for a console RPG" game he referred to back in February.

An RPG will be a departure from the usual Big Huge Games diet of RTS games, but with Rolston on board, this is something to keep our eyes on. We would say "mark your calendars", but it isn't likely THQ will let us forget about this one. That, and who has a 2009 calendar now, anyway?

[Via CVG]

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