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Ask Engadget: Media streamer of choice?


We're wrapping our week of Ask Engadget today, and what a party we've had. Make sure to keep on sending questions to ask at engadget dawt com and we'll take a peek at 'em weekly, just like the old days. Yesterday Lisa was looking for a gadget purse, and now we've got Martin getting all technical on us in regards to a media streamer:

"I am looking to buy a digital media streaming device that can play a wide array of media files (so Apple TV is out). I also have a USB mybook external drive which I store my media. I also need to access the drive via network even when it is connected with the streaming device, so I can add new media files to the USB HD via network anytime, and have it stream to my TV. The streamer should also output HD resolution.

"The Netgear EVA8000, on paper, fits the bill mostly, but I am not sure if the USB drive is accessible via network by another computer. Anyone knows? Also, other than the EVA, any other device out there I can consider? "

Sounds like Martin has a lot of needs there, any chance he can find what he's looking for off the shelf? Any other general media streamer recommendations are welcome as well, since we all know that Apple TV isn't the only game in town. Don't forget to send in your q's for next week!

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