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First glimpse at NBA Live '08

Nick Doerr

Today is apparently sports day here at PS3 Fanboy and you know what? That's just fine. Next, we've got a glimpse of the latest entry in the NBA Live franchise -- this one brings us into the '08 realms of dribbling goodness. We hope. Ever since getting moved onto the 360, let's face it, EA hasn't tried very hard to make the best of the new hardware. The games have been lackluster, lacking polish, lackadaisical, lack-a-lack-a-lack... you get the idea. They've not been the best they could be. So where's '08 going that the previous entries didn't, aside from to the PS3?

Back to basics. Before adding any crazy control gimmicks, EA is building the game from the basics up. Vastly improved character animations, ball physics (passing and shooting, etc), improved framerate, not to mention the characters actually appeared to walk on the court instead of slide around on top of it. From what all was mentioned in GameSpot's preview, it appears that (dare we say it?) EA is actually trying to make a great game instead of updating a roster, tossing in a gimmick, and rolling around in their mountain of gold coins, a la DuckTales. We'll see how it pans out later this year.

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