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Iwata lays the smack down on Nintendo of America

Not content with his company's record earnings, Nintendo's Satoru Iwata dropped the smack on Nintendo of America's lackluster sales, citing a unique inability to unload copies of DS phenom Brain Age. Said Iwata, "When I received a report from the U.S. that they sold 1 million Pokémon Diamond & Pearl already, I asked them, 'why did you sell only 10,000 Brain Age last week, when Europe sold through 30,000?' This is a typical example of how I communicate with our people in the U.S." Typical? Instantly, our image of NoA's towering Reggie Fils-Aime simultaneously kicking asses while jotting down names (in cursive, mind you) has been replaced with one of Iwata flipping over boardroom desks while asking ... nay, demanding to know why Nintendo can't seem to make a dent in America!

Mr. Iwata, if we may be so bold as to make a suggestion that we feel may help contribute to even higher record earnings and additional piles of cash to swim in: make more consoles. You see, the DS Lite and Wii have been relatively scarce since last December! Don't worry folks, Iwata's on top of it. He says, "a small increase [in production] is expected at the retail outlets from next month." Wait, that's this month. Don't blow it, Reggie or you know who's gonna come knocking.

[Thanks, Josh; via DS Fanboy]

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