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Madden NFL '08 screens to please

Nick Doerr

You thought we were done talking about sports? Heck no! We've covered baseball, golf, basketball... how could we pass up the opportunity to bring you some American Football news? We've got the latest screens from the 360 oven that's been cooking up Madden NFL '08 and guess what? It looks like football. It smells like football. It probably tastes like football, but we don't know since it's not done cooking yet.

Aside from the brightly colored uniform/outfits the players wear, all we see is nifty grass and football details -- kind of. Will the game still play exactly like its predecessors? Will John Madden ever, ever, ever just give up and marry his bags o' cash? We know that some other titles are re-building what made their franchise great... what's Madden going to do differently? We assume it'll stay the same and it'll be fun. If it isn't, we just have to wait until next year for another one.

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