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Man tries to steal PS3, gets Xbox 360 instead

Kevin Kelly

Apparently a criminal in the UK walked into a Blockbuster store and demanded a PlayStation 3 at gunpoint (they sell consoles there?!) and upon being told they didn't have any, he asked for an Xbox 360 instead. He ended up walking out with that, a few games, and some cash from the register.

What cracks us up is what must have been running through the guy's head when he heard "Sorry sir, we're out of those." He had to be thinking he couldn't just leave empty-handed. What if they'd been out of 360s, too? Would he have asked for 200 copies of The Secret?

Maybe Blockbuster should have asked him if he wanted to order his console of choice with a downpayment. After all, he had the cash.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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