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Miyamoto makes the print version of Time 100


We all knew that Shigeru Miyamoto would rank pretty highly on the online version of Time magazine's list of the most influential people; after all, it was people like us determining the rank.

What's surprising is that Miyamoto also appears in the print version of the Time list, which was not determined by Internet polling, but by Time magazine editors, who probably know a little more about who's influential in the world. This one isn't ranked hierarchically; the fact that Miyamoto is #92 out of 100 is only because he's categorized in the last section, "Builders and Titans." Put down your torches.

Strangely, the piece about Miyamoto is written by Johnathan "Fata1ty" Wendel, who, as a competitive PC gamer, seems pretty far removed from the fun-for-all Wii phenomenon. He's also possibly the first Time writer with a part-1337 name.

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