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Seropian: E3 'was really a big strokefest'


Wideload Games' Alex Seropian -- who in another life was the CEO of Bungie (the Halo studio) -- recently had choice words for the former incarnation of E3, calling it a "strokefest." Speaking with ArmChairEmpire, Seropian says, "E3 ends up being a huge drain on resources to focus and to prepare for an event that really, from a developer's perspective, did not seem to serve any purpose whatsoever. It was really a big strokefest for the publishers to see who could make the most noise. It generated a lot of buzz in the industry but as far as translating into how good a game is, it seemed to have zero effect -- if anything a negative effect."

Other than creating the horrible image of the big three personified and touching themselves, Seropian later says that he can't possibly see how the expense that went into these E3 presentations translated into sales to justify said expense. That may be why Seropian seems to be aligning himself with Gamecock's other E3, which many PR folks may be into as well. Obviously the publishers agree with Seropian, as the monstrous E3 has morphed into the more managable Min-E3; although, given the map of the showfloor, this new Min-E3 may not even be big enough to justify that name. It's more like E3 in your pocket -- Pok-É3-mon?

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