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Wanna Wii-a, for free-a, don't you wanna?

Kevin Kelly

Coca-Cola's Nintendo love is spreading across the pond this summer. Beginning May 20th, soda guzzlers in the UK will have a chance to win an "Ultimate Wii Games Room," and one of over 1,800 DS Lites. All you have to do is enter codes from specially marked (we've always wanted to say that phrase) bottles or cans of Fanta, Dr. Pepper, or Sprite, and cross your fingers.

The only sad thing to us is the the "Ultimate Wii Games Room" consists of a Wii (woot!), a 26" LCD tv (eh), Wii Sports (only one game?!), a mini-fridge (now we're talking), and three cases of soda. That's ultimate? We expected at least some Wario Ware: Smooth Moves in there and more soda for our gaming marathons. But if it means less dancing Fanta girls, then we're willing to compromise.

Of course, to really hit a home-run in the product promotion field, they should also partner with a toothpaste company. We keed, we keed. A little bit. Good luck UK sugar fiends!

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